From Bean to Box.

The Jenny Wren story all started as a trip around Europe. Our founder and his wife Jenny fell in love with the theatre and magic of the boutique chocolate shops of Brussels and wanted to bring some of this excitement back to the UK. So Jenny Wren Chocolate was born and since then they’ve made it their mission to scour Belgium for amazing chocolates, presenting them to chocolate lovers, friends and family everywhere in a box fit for a chocolatier's shop window. Jenny Wren Chocolates is passionate about making sure that from bean to box, we have a positive impact on the world. Here’s what we’re doing at the moment:


Cocoa beans from the Cocoa for schools programme

We are massively proud that our cocoa beans are all bought from suppliers involved in the Cocoa for schools programme: Dedicated to improving infrastructures and conditions in schools, educating farmers in order to improve their agricultural skills and providing renewable energy sources from solar devices. There’s loads more on this here.


Working with only the best and lowest impact chocolate producer

We carefully selected our supplier to ensure the chocolates are made in a facility designed to minimise the ecological footprint of the production process. The facility won the 2008 award for ‘Most energy conscious Flemish company’. Probably helped by the sea of solar panels covering the entire place!


100% recyclable and incredibly useful boxes

Our boxes are all 100% recyclable. So make sure when you’re done with it – be the change and recycle! Or even better, find a use for the box – It is amazing at holding jewellery, nuts bolts, more chocolate. Send us a snap of how you re-use your box for a chance to win a free box from us.


Doing our bit to keep on top of our cardboard waste

Our boxes get sent to us in other boxes, but actually boxes are pretty useful. Currently we recycle the boxes but we are looking into donating them to store clothes being sent to help refugees. Watch this space!

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